Welcome to KLA Schools (Kids Learning Adventure). Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach where children, parents and educators have the opportunity to get involved in all of the innovative learning experiences that we provide.

KLA School of Coconut Creek

Our Coconut Creek Preschool is a place where parents leave confidently knowing that their child is at a school where they are secure, supervised, and loved. Upon entering our facility you are welcomed into a colorful and enriching environment. Walking into the school you will first find our Piazza, which is the heart of the school and the connection to our age appropriate classrooms which are uniquely set up to stimulate and enhance the education of our students.

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Our Coconut Creek Preschool offers a rich learning environment that is composed of invigorating furnishings, stimulating materials, proper lighting, visible and inviting space and colors conducive to learning. Under the careful eyes and hands of our nurturing, experienced and well educated teachers the services and programs that we provide are unique in the way that they are implemented and taught in our school. All students have many opportunities for academic excellence and creative expression.

KLA School of Coconut Creek will meet and exceed all the learning standards in the state of Florida as our teaching and learning is based on the educational approach of Reggio Emilia wherein our school promotes an image of the child as a strong, capable individual in his or her own learning.

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